4 Girls Astonish Their Class with An Old Classic Most Kids Today Have Never Heard Of

Guys these days! Their heads are full of the latest pop music, but they do not have time for the classics. When they deliver any music made before being born in a dusty metaphorical penthouse, they really have no idea what they are losing.

If you’ve been in the 60s and you’ve had a pulse, you’ve definitely heard about the British rock band Herman’s Hermits. They were from Manchester, England, but they had great success in the United States in the mid-sixties.

The first great success of the band was in 1964: a version of “I’m Into Somethin Good” by Earl-Jean Reeves. “The hermits have enjoyed several years of fame in the ranking, including making the mandatory appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show Herman Hermits were not ignored by the Jackie Gleason Show or the Dean Martin Show!

Now I advance almost half a century … Four very talented young people took a page from the book of songs of their grandparents and gave it a turn. Taking a step forward in the college class, they start with a quartet version of “I’m Into Somethin ‘Good” barbers.

Working in unison, their voices are amazing to say the least! The four students at Towson University founded the “GQ: A Capella Quartet” in Baltimore. It is an award-winning group and they sing both a capella and a barber shop. They call themselves “four great friends who have the passion to create a unique sound”.

We publish a video of the euphoric representation of this extraordinary group of “I’m Into Somethin ‘Good” and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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