Baby falls asleep. His new puppy waits by his side, then at 1:47 melts everyone’s heart

Update! We have just received a new video from the child’s parents so we can see how this beautiful report ended three years later.

When it comes to puppies, they can’t be anything but cute. They are small, hairy and stupid at the same time. One thing that puppies like to do is sleep. They all sleep many hours a day, just like human children. Children represent something much deeper for us. They are part of us and express our best hopes for the future. When you combine the two, you have a recipe not only for beauty, but also for a lot of love.

Some studies have been conducted on the relationship between growing up with dogs and values. Dog lovers suggest that having a dog at home increases the awareness of everyone in the home, especially children.

According to these studies, children who had grown up with dogs were more likely to be more compassionate. When you see the update at the end of this video, I think it’s the proof you need.

But animals teach us many things. Show us how to enjoy the simple things in life. This in turn helps us forget to pursue other superficial things that consume much of our time and energy.

In the end, we go to our family and learn to appreciate what it’s worth. This is what makes us show more human qualities, or how other people would call “values”.

Protecting children is our priority and when it comes to sharing your space with our pets … that’s another thing. But everything changes when you come across a video like the one shown below. A child sleeps so quietly that it makes you want to go there and take a nap.

The next video is a double dose of tenderness. A cute baby sleeps when you suddenly see a puppy by your side. When the dog approaches the child, it does something that melts everyone’s heart!