This Mama Gave Her Puppy A Pat On His Head. His Response? Cutest Bulldog Tantrum Ever!

Human or canine children are all the same when a mother tries to teach her daughter to do things and she responds for the first time, it can be quite annoying.

In this adorable video, you’re about to see a bulldog mother, patch, and her bulldog puppy, Elvis, who appears to be in her infancy, and the bulldog puppy mother loves to watch him do it. Elvis kept acting up and he’s so cute!

It’s amazing to see those lovely and cute puppies exploring life and experiencing it for the first time. And it is just as adorable to see the relationship of a mother dog with her puppies, the way the matter, how they huddle and educate and teach them morality.

Elvis was a “single puppy”. He was born with a cleft lip and had a permanent contempt, which is how he took the name of Elvis.

An epic fight, a bulldog puppy with the most adorable whims and a very patient mother! What else do we need? Sooooo cute! You’ll be smiling from ear to ear, guaranteed!

Watch this cute video below while Elvis destroys his mother in the most adorable way! … and SHARE to spread a smile! 🙂 Enjoy the tenderness!