Sleepy bird cuddles up to dad, but listen to his words before he falls asleep. I cracked up!

Oh, bless him! It becomes all muddy and confused as it moves away like all of us. I do not think anyone can see it and still doubt that birds have emotions and feelings.
Birds are not that far from dogs and cats when it comes to their favorite pets. They are super cute and are not as messy as other animals. A great advantage of having birds like parrots and parrots at home is the joy they provide, not to mention that they are great conversationalists. Look at the bird in the video below.

This is a parakeet named Pedro, and it’s time to go to bed. Each night, before going to sleep, this little bird has a unique ritual that is always performed. His dad sits at the computer, and Pedro nods to his teacher and rests his head on his stomach.